Purify Your Mind With Sound

Do you have 7 and a half minutes for your self-care today? Grab a seated position, with your spine straight, legs and arms uncrossed, and palms open toward the sky. [display_podcast] This is a Call and Response version of the Purification Mantra. I invite you to listen to my voice, and repeat along with the group. Notice the duration of each breath and each sound. No thinking! Just listening! And play... Focus on the SOUNDS, without worrying about the meaning or translation of words. If you have trouble sustaining your attention, try noticing when your mind wanders, and notice what thoughts arise in your mind when this happens. Then gently bring your attention back to the sounds. Attempt to focus your attention on the quality of all sounds - those coming from the recording and coming from you. I use this mantra when my mind feels distracted and overactive, when I want to find my center of freedom before a presentation, a class, or seeing a client. When do you find it useful? Enjoy...

2 thoughts on “Purify Your Mind With Sound

    1. drlisachu

      Interesting that our minds want to know "what the sounds mean" instead of just receiving the sound vibrations and listening.
      The sounds in the mantra are not words in the sense that we learn language.
      Some of the sounds refer to the invocation of the five elements (earth, air, water, fire, ether) but beyond that there is no "translation" that will satisfy the language/understanding/meaning-making part of your brain.
      Thanks for the comment.


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