Silence is like food

Are you nourishing your soul with silence? Paying attention to your sonic environment is one practice in global awareness. Here is a Daily Sound Journal practice for bringing attention to the sounds in your daily life. Choose one day and make note of the sounds that you encounter in a given day.
  • What are the qualities (texture, volume, color, shape) of these sounds?
  • Where in your body do you feel a response to these sounds?
  • What thoughts appear in your mind when you hear a sound?

2 thoughts on “Silence is like food

  1. Carl Herder


    Nosing around your site like I just dropped into Wonderland. This post really resonates with me. (So to speak.) It's a bit of a crusade of mine. Popular technologies cause people to spend all their time listening to manufactured sounds pumped through tiny speakers. In a sense, they are emulations of sound, including only a microscopic fraction of the full range of physical vibrations. The real sounds around us are immensly richer.

    1. violindoc1

      Word! I'm playing your CD right now…love your sounds! It'd be fun to join in with you guys some time!! Hope to see you on a Tuesday coming soon! And thanks so much for stopping by my site!


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