Closet cleaning day – the videos!

You might have seen my opening video blog on Friday before I started the all-day process of cleaning my closets. Here are the video highlights of my closet cleaning see all 7 episodes, visit my youtube channel here.

One thought on “Closet cleaning day – the videos!

  1. Monica

    Wow, Lisa! Thank you so much. This is my plan for the weekend so you gave me a great visual for the process. Massive de-cluttering and committing to less consumerism going forward! I, too, feel like I'm in such a different place and ready to surround myself with only that which serves me or makes me feel really, really good. Wayne Dyer gave away all of his possessions and said we only use about 80% of what we own, whether it's clothes, dishes, books, etc., and I think that's so true.


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