Restorative Practice #3…Treats

Give yourself treats! My treat last week was a hike every day, no matter how much I thought I had to get done. The result? I got more done, had better ideas, and more positive things happened spontaneously! And I felt peaceful every single day. Try it for yourself.

One thought on “Restorative Practice #3…Treats

  1. Dana

    Thanks Dr. Lisa. I like Alviso, the Don Edwards Wildlife area, in the south bay, San Jose. Living in the city or suburbia, one can get mired in smallness. This hiking area is humble, yet affords one a view of the larger valley, the salt ponds and bay. I also wanted to add that it's a good idea to try a "new" thing, to break up repetitive thinking (obsessive thinking?) Try something new, do something differently. Walk a new route, skateboard a new route?, read some subject you normally wouldn't read, talk to someone new, listen to a new genre of music, perhaps.



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