About Dr. Lisa Chu

DSC05281 You can read my official resume-like bio here. My story, as I tell it today, follows. I see myself as a catalyst for personal growth and change. In my work, I inspire, educate, and empower adults to live more creatively and courageously. I help my clients cultivate the mindsets that empower them to trust their own wisdom, speak their own truth, and act in alignment with their truth and wisdom. I've been gathering morsels of truth from each adventure in my life's journey - from my childhood immersion in music and the path of being the "must-achieve" daughter of immigrants, to my ascent to the "promised land" of the Ivy League, medical school, and the finance industry; to the founding and creation of my own successful entrepreneurial business in the Bay Area. Finally I recognized that none of these was an "arrival" but rather part of my lifelong work of bringing forth the song in my heart - the one that only I can sing. All of the experiences I offer in my work are facilitated self-exploration adventures for your mind, body, and spirit. The modalities I use are a combination of techniques from life coaching, mindfulness-based meditation, yoga, deliberate practice, group facilitation, sound healing, music improvisation, creative process, bodywork, and Bio-Optic Holography, arising from my own experiences with each of these disciplines. I have received training in Gail Larsen's Real Speaking, Martha Beck Life Coach TrainingCalifornia Institute of Integral Studies' Sound Voice and Music Healing Certificate Program, Breema bodywork, traditional Thai massage, and Robert Tennyson Stevens' Mastery Systems. They all honor one universal element - connecting with the truth of your own heart. I am a total believer in the wise words of Martha Beck, who says, "You've gotta live it to give it." In these pages and in my offerings as a writer, coach, and speaker, I give what I've lived. And I keep on living. I was born and raised in a suburb of Chicago, Illinois, the second child of parents who both emigrated from Taiwan to obtain their PhD degrees. I studied piano and violin starting at the age of three. This brought me around the world performing in various venues at a very early age. Music was never supposed to be my career, but performing was my first great love. I went to Harvard University, graduating with honors in Biochemical Sciences. I kept up with a family tradition of post-graduate degrees by obtaining my M.D. from the University of Michigan Medical School (that's where the "Doctor" comes from). Acknowledging during my third year of medical school that I never intended to practice medicine, I opted not to pursue a residency program after graduation, and networked my way into the venture capital finance industry. After starting out as an unpaid summer intern, I eventually became the youngest partner-track investment professional, focused on startup medical device and health care companies, at a leading firm based in Cleveland, Ohio. In 2004, I realized that I had my own entrepreneurial yearnings to fulfill, and seized the opportunity to follow a childhood dream to live in California and create a violin school like the one that had nurtured my love of music. The Music Within Us violin program grew to include more than thirty students, who traveled on five concert tours to Chicago and two international concert tours, produced a CD, and presented numerous local performances in the San Francisco Bay Area. At the end of 2009, I knew it was time to create something new, reflecting what is current in my own learning as well as broadening the reach for the gifts I wish to offer in my lifetime. I invite you to learn to listen to your own life as you explore the offerings in these pages. I'm on this journey with you, and I know from experience that the only true answers for you are within your own heart. The doors open in. Come with me to discover what's real and what's next for you.