Is this you?

…You feel like you’ve just been “getting through” life or “going through the motions”, and you are now ready to make some changes in order to feel more joy, more enthusiasm, and more energy;

…You’ve spent a tremendous amount of energy trying to be “good” at the various roles you play in your life – a good wife, a good daughter, a good husband, a good father, a good manager, a good team player – but this has left you feeling overwhelmed, exhausted, or even plagued with chronic health problems;

…You have been a star student and top performer all your life, rewarded and admired for your achievements, but you’re secretly wondering, “Is this really what it’s all about?”;

…You know how to win, but you’re also aware that you’re desperately afraid of losing what you have. You’d like to learn how to experience greater inner peace, no matter what your bank account, job title, or ZIP code says;

…You have lived a life of doing exactly what’s expected of you, but you know deep down that you have more to offer, more to explore, if you could just find the freedom to express your truest self;

…You have dutifully checked off all the boxes in terms of what you were “supposed to do” with your life, and you’re wondering what it would be like to trust your own intuition, express your own creativity, and take a more playful approach to life;

…You’ve tried to follow step-by-step programs or have read business books on “How To…” find your passion, make more money, or achieve success. However, these have somehow all felt empty to you. You’re looking for guidance that’s individualized and feels aligned with your heart, your body, your mind, and your soul;

…You care deeply about your work in the world, and want to be of service to others with your unique gifts, talents, and experiences;

…You are ready to make a whole heart/mind/body commitment to action and an investment in your own growth;

…You are open to a process of learning and discovery that cannot be “planned” in advance;

…You are willing to trust your own process, to learn to love and accept yourself through each moment of your process;

…You believe that your dream of living your right life is achievable through small steps over time. You just need to learn some new skills and start practicing them.

If any of these sound like you, you may be a perfect fit as a life coaching client of mine.

Here’s what I do for you:

I create an environment of peace, safety, and playfulness that allows you to listen to your own truth and find clarity;

I share what I’ve learned in my own journey, and challenge you to discern what’s true for you;

I witness you as you reach into your heart, see what’s real for you, and build the strength to express it in the world;

I guide and support your process as you develop new habits and practice new ways of thinking, feeling, and acting;

I celebrate with you in that moment of discovery when your soul opens up to claim your own brilliance;

I joyfully support you as you find the music within you, and share it in the world as only you can.

I am not a “business” or “career” coach. If your goals are primarily financial ones at this time, there are many talented coaches who specialize in helping their clients achieve growth in their businesses and goals of wealth creation.

I believe that your life is your greatest teacher. I will help you get in touch with your creative potential as a human being, starting with the practical situations you find in your life right now. I will help you uncover and release the obstacles that stand between you and your highest potential to live a life of joy, peace, and freedom. I will also teach you the principles and habits of self-care that will serve you well beyond our coaching relationship as you continue to learn to listen to your life.


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