The Art of Self-Care Primer – Online Course

The Art of Self-Care Primer:

5 Principles to Transform Your Relationship With Your Self and Expand Your Capacity To Serve Others

“Only when you have a healthy, honorable, affirming relationship with yourself can you have the same with others. This relationship is the foundation of your ability to demonstrate and practice compassion.” - Iyanla Vanzant

Learn how to practice and apply these 5 principles of Self-Care in your life:

  • Boundaries
  • From Reactive to Creative
  • Your Body Knows
  • What Restores You?
  • Want What You Want

Discover and practice techniques for getting to know your true SELF and develop greater capacity for compassionate care of others, from the inside out.

  • Define where your responsibilities begin...and where they end.
  • Create a morning ritual.
  • Start trusting the messages your body is sending you.
  • Explore and notice what brings you true peace and joy.
  • Start acknowledging yourself and realize that you CAN feel good.
  • ...and more!
This course is created by Dr. Lisa Chu, M.D., Founder of The Music Within Us.
"My experience as a Caring Professional started at the age of twelve, with my first paying job as a violin teacher. I lived a life of ambition and striving, going to Harvard, finishing medical school, and becoming the youngest partner in a venture capital investment firm before I turned 30. I wanted to care deeply about the work I did in the world, and I knew that music was at the heart of my deepest passion and greatest offering. "More than five years after moving to California to follow my dream and start my own violin school in Silicon Valley, I was "successful" by every external measure available. But I learned first-hand about the physical exhaustion, loss of compassion, and burnout that resulted from what I didn't know about Self-Care, even when following my own dream. "The lessons in this course are shared with you from my own study, practice, and personal journey of healing and transformation. I invite you to learn with me, try these practices in your own life, and discover what new possibilities are revealed to you as a Caring Professional." - Dr. Lisa Chu


  • Learn the 5 Principles of Self-Care and begin practicing them in your own life
  • Create a list of Self-Care Practices based on your learning, and start creating the changes you desire in your life
  • Get introduced to each principle on day one. Then get a small activity each day to put into practice in your real life.
  • Work at your own pace
  • Benefit from online discussion with other learners
  • Receive written, audio, and video materials to guide you in your learning
  • Access online materials even after the course has ended

Who should enroll:

  • Anyone who wants to restore life balance, expand their capacity to serve others, and rediscover the joy of compassionate service
  • Anyone considering a coaching relationship with me and seeking an introduction to the foundation of my work with people
  • Caring Professionals at risk for burnout who want to learn preventive wellness measures
  • You are a Caring Professional if...
    • You care deeply about what you do as a professional (or what you define as work or service)
    • You serve others for a living
  • Caring Professionals have a variety of job descriptions across many industries, such as:
    • Physicians
    • Nurses
    • Teachers
    • Counselors
    • Coaches
    • Therapists
    • Healers
    • Attorneys
    • Musicians
    • Artists
    • Mothers
    • Fathers
    • Entrepreneurs
    • CEOs

What People Are Saying:

"What I loved about Lisa's online course was the ability to connect with her and yet also ask myself hard questions in the privacy of my own space.  As far as content, Lisa gently guided me into rethinking many rules I had set for myself.  She helped change my perspective on the direction of my path and she made me feel comfortable living my life in a more honest way."  DB "Thanks again for your gift of the course that has gotten me to take a fresh look at my life." WJC "I just completed the course. The content was just what I needed during this time of transition.  Finding ways to find my center, taking small steps, and reframing my questions helped alleviate a lot of stress. The format of the online course worked. I enjoyed going at my own pace. I didn't know what to expect from an online course. I'm typically a classroom (in-person) learner or a self-learner (read the book & do the activity). I enjoyed the combination of video, reading, and links. I've fed a lot off your energy of acceptance/awareness of self in order to move through (and be comfortable) with the uncomfortableness of change." - VC


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