Music Improvisation for Everyone – public workshop

**NEXT WORKSHOP DATE: Saturday, July 10, 2010, 2:00pm - 4:00pm**

Discover the music within you! Set yourself FREE with the experience of improvisation. Drop all of your preconceptions about what music "should" be, and discover what's possible!
“The biggest life lesson I’ve learned in the last 3 and a half months is that these things happen to you and you think you’ve been dealt a terrible hand or you’ve had bad luck, but when you just go with it and start improvising, suddenly you realize that you stumble upon some of the best things that have ever happened to you….Three and a half months ago what looked to everybody like bad luck has become amazingly good luck.” – Conan O’Brien at Google, May 5, 2010
We will co-create a safe, nurturing environment for adults to PLAY and have FUN with making sound and music. This class is suitable for ALL LEVELS. No prior music experience is necessary. CURIOSITY is required. You are welcome to bring your own musical instruments, but also invited to play outside your own comfort zone. Some simple musical instruments will be provided for your use. Every class is completely different. You will...
  • PLAY with new ways of listening to all sounds
  • Use your breath, body, and voice to EXPERIENCE music
  • EXPLORE new possibilities in your self-expression
  • FREE yourself from limitations and preconceptions about music
  • Have FUN in a nurturing environment
Listen to audio from the February 6th class. Listen to audio from the April 17th class. Comments from participants in previous classes:
Very open and playful. Just being able to let go completely... It opens me up more to any and all sounds and rhythms as adding to the music. Looking forward to the next one! - Dennis B. Like a great workout/hike for creative self. I felt free to express myself and be myself. I was most surprised by how much fun it is to conduct, and finding the part of me that tells people what to do! - Teresa L. Fun way to spend a Saturday afternoon. - Jim W. Amazing exploration of sound. Relaxed atmosphere. The ease of improvisation surprised me the most. Nice venue and well presented. - Ayleen A. It was mind-opening, listening to a group get to know each other through sound. - Craig L. Light and relaxing. Good stuff. Keep it up! - John C. There is a real value and a need for what you are doing. I sometimes feel frustrated trying to impart my knowledge of rhythm and melody to people with less experience so you have shown me a very usable lesson format. Thank you Lisa. Hope to see you again soon! - James I really enjoyed this experience - I loved your concepts about how music is traditionally taught which can have a very negative effect on people. This was very enjoyable and a safe environment to explore our voices. A very pleasurable experience. Thanks for much! - Roslyn Good job establishing a "safe" non-judging atmosphere. Good range of covering and introducing different musical concepts. Fun activities - handbell keyboard, ending improv song circle, rhythm, meditative slow songs. Thank you, Lisa. Had a great time. My favorite part was the free-form music making at the end. The theory parts were less engaging to me - but I suppose built up to that. I also liked the agreeing on a note with a partner - all the "feel the music" exercises had the biggest impact on me. - Jeannie I thought it was a great class and it really pushed me out of my comfort zone (in a good way). I love music but the idea of being a musician is very unfamiliar to me so this definitely was a way to get my musical soul together without being embarrassed or intimidated. - Eugene C. It was a wonderful class. Really made me think about music in a very new way, and rearranged some neurons -- in a good way. - Pidge M. Very fun session today.  I didn't really know what to expect, but I was looking for something different to expand my mind and experiences, and I did find that. Thanks! - Jen P.
Open to ALL LEVELS Tuition: $20/single adult, $35/pair of adults (in advance); $25/single, $40/pair (at the door) Call (650) 325-2194 or email to register in advance at the above rates. REGISTER HERE with credit card or pay at the door (cash only)
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