New Year, New Mindset – Manifesting Your REAL Goals in 2010

Spring has sprung!

Have you already made and broken your New Year Resolutions? Maybe you've even gone to other workshops where you've set deliciously ambitious goals for yourself in 2010. You may have signed up for a new class, or started a new habit, determined to make this year truly a new experience of yourself. How do you keep it all going, while moving in a direction that serves your vision for your life, without exhausting yourself or just abandoning your goal altogether? In this program, we'll use the goals you've already set for yourself as a starting point, and explore your own process to make the changes that are REALLY important to you in 2010. Rather than simply "making it happen" or "fixing" the problem, we'll explore the true desire behind your goal, provide you with tools and guidance to help identify the right steps for you to reach toward the life of your dreams. The approach we'll use combines the framework of Martha Beck life coaching and the use of sound, voice, and music as a transformative experience. The program consists of the following components:
  • Eight (8) one-on-one sessions of 50 minutes each, either by phone OR in person at the Cradle of Manifestation, in two phases of weekly sessions, with an optional break of one week between Phase One and Phase Two.
  • Two (2) one-on-one sessions (one during each Phase) of 50 minutes each, using sound, voice, and music -- MUST BE IN PERSON
    • Phase One: Listen To Your Own Sound
    • Phase Two: Sing Your Own Song
  • Phase One
    • Session One: You Are Not Your Goals
    • Session Two: Your Body Knows
    • Session Three: Clearing the Mental Clutter
    • Session Four: Dreaming Your Wildest Dream...
  • Phase Two
    • Session Five: Eagle Vision, Turtle Steps
    • Session Six: Practice, Practice! Celebrate, Celebrate! Rest…Repeat!
    • Session Seven: Retooling, Revisioning
    • Session Eight: Your Own Promised Land
  • Daily practice assignments and other tools to help keep you on track between sessions
  • Email follow-up
  • Reading and homework assignments, tailored to your individual needs
Investment: Two installments of $525 each, payable at the start of each month