Physician Burnout: Get the 411 Before It’s A 911

FREE Coaching Call For Medical Students, Residents, and Fellows

  • Up to 60% of practicing physicians report symptoms of burnout, defined as
    • emotional exhaustion
    • depersonalization (treating patients as objects)
    • low sense of personal accomplishment and meaning in your work
  • Physician burnout has been linked to poorer quality of care, including patient dissatisfaction, increased medical errors, and lawsuits and decreased ability to express empathy. Substance abuse, automobile accidents, stress-related health problems, and marital and family discord are among the personal consequences reported. (Krasner et al JAMA Sept 2009)
  • Nearly half of all 3rd year medical students report symptoms of burnout

Medical students, Residents, and Fellows:

If you’re feeling emotionally drained by your patients, emotionally disconnected from yourself and others, physically less energetic, or less able to engage with why you chose to be a doctor, don’t wait for more burnout symptoms arise…LET'S TALK!

Get the information and learn the tools you need to start practicing self-care, creating a vision for your life balance, setting boundaries at work, and getting support when you need it. You may not need to leave your job to have what you really want.

On this FREE monthly conference call, I’ll offer you a different way to look at your current situation, and tools to help you see yourself in a more compassionate way - and a safe space to talk about the things you don't bring up on rounds. Email me to receive a free recording of the previous call. Notes:
  • This is not a “bitch and moan” session about how bad the hours are, or how broken the health care system is, or how ruthless your seniors are
  • We will focus on strategies, tips, attitudes, and new habits for you to move forward in the challenging environment you have chosen to work in
  • I am not a therapist or practicing physician; this call is not intended to replace consultation with a mental health professional or to address any medical emergencies
  • I am not an advocate for any one "solution" to physician burnout. I want to provide a space to help you see the answers YOU already have within you, by encouraging you to ask yourself the right questions.

I will…

  • Share with you ways of thinking that I wish I had known in medical school
  • Teach you some basic tools to help empower you to start living a more balanced life RIGHT NOW
  • Make time for Q&A with the group
  • Facilitate your process in a safe environment of other doctors-in-training going through similar issues

You will…

  • Bring an open mind, a genuine desire to learn, and willingness to listen to new approaches
  • Feel free to ask questions or bring a stressful issue you’d like to examine in the group
  • Learn at least one new self-care tip on this call that will enable you to start changing your life RIGHT NOW


Date: Tuesday, September 28, 2010 Time: 6:00pm Pacific (9:00pm Eastern) 60 minutes Dial-in: (605) 477-2100 Participant code: 958748# **Can't make it? Not a problem! The call will be recorded and can be emailed to you by request. Contact me to receive the recording by email. Recording from 6.22.10 call: [display_podcast]

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