Dr. Lisa Chu is an experienced performer, educator, and creative entrepreneur. Having grown up in the Midwest as the child of immigrant parents, she is familiar with the expected routes to success and status through education and achievement. Having taken that foundation and turned it on its head several times in a continual process of creating her own life, she is no stranger to forging exciting new paths, even after bearing the full weight of expectations from family, clients, coworkers, and friends. Lisa graduated from Harvard, got her medical degree, worked in the venture capital industry, and successfully created and ran her own violin school for toddlers in Silicon Valley.

Talk titles:

  • Feel and Heal With Music - My Story of Personal Transformation Through Music

  • IMPROVisE Your Life with IMPROVisation - Lessons from Letting Go & Preparing To Be Surprised
  • Self-Care for the Caring Professional - 5 Principles to Transform Your Relationship with Yourself and Expand Your Capacity To Serve Others

  • Yoga of the Mind: Finding Strength, Balance, and Flexibility in Your Thinking For a Healthier You

Contact me to discuss speaking engagements for your conference, workshop, or other event. Footage from Ignite Bay Area, San Francisco, March 2, 2010: Video of my final presentation in the Sound Voice & Music Healing Certificate Program at California Institute of Integral Studies, San Francisco, June 2010: Part 2 of the above presentation, includes audio of my improvised violin track