Inviting Joy, Cultivating Courage – A Practice Circle for Wholehearted Living and Learning

 Joy stands at the door. She knocks. You hold the key. It is courage. The tool is practice. The doorway is the present moment. It is always open. You only have to walk through it.

Each present moment gives us the opportunity to invite joy into our lives. Everyday courage is the quality we practice each time we consciously choose to act in harmony with the present moment. In these sessions, we will explore gateways to the present moment, and practice different aspects of everyday courage, through experiential exercises. Sample activities: deep listening, musical collaboration, role playing, writing, speaking, movement, touch, breath. No prior experience is necessary (or possible!). Sessions may involve featured guest presenters. You may attend any session individually, OR the entire series. 101_5390 Defy Gravity CROPPEDBreema 1 Speak Truth CROPPED JUNE 4th: The Courage to Play, The Courage to Listen Sound, voice, and music as gateways to the present moment JULY 2nd: The Courage to Rewrite the Rules Freedom as a gateway to the present moment AUGUST 6th: The Courage to Be Present Breema bodywork as gateway to the present moment* - workshop presented by certified instructors from The Breema Center SEPTEMBER 3rd: The Courage to Speak the Truth Authentic self-expression as gateway to the present moment

All sessions are 7pm to 9pm, at Bamboo body+soul, 799 Main Street, Suite C, Half Moon Bay, CA

A Generosity-Based Offering* *This means the circle is offered with generosity and is supported by the generosity of all participants. Please consider what your heartfelt offering will be in support of this event. Everything offered wholeheartedly will be gratefully received. RSVP: (650) 325-2194 or email Download the flyer here>>