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*What is The Music Within Us?

The Music Within Us is my metaphor for the energy within us, the life force, the power source behind all our creative potential. We each carry a unique vibration within us, a song that is like no other sound in the world. We each have the power to create lasting resonance in every life we touch, starting with our own. When we finally get quiet enough to feel our own peace, we begin to hear what sings in our own hearts. When we build the strength to begin sharing that song in service to the world, we take on the power of music to heal and transform. Our creativity needs to be nurtured, coaxed, and allowed into being. This takes practice, resilience, and the willingness to listen to our own lives. It also requires an environment that supports the uniqueness of our own process. The Music Within Us encompasses the space we must each learn to honor within ourselves, the tenderness we must learn to express clearly and unapologetically, the practice of stepping into new territory with an attitude of curiosity, and the result of feeling greater peace, joy, freedom, and compassion in our lives.